Just for Kicks – a Picture of my Nail Polish Collection

I was on Instagram the other day (Follow me on there if you’d like.) and there was a giveaway I noticed. One way to enter the contest (Held by G2thelo You can follow her Instagram if you click that link) was to simply repost a photo with a specified hashtag message (For example a hashtag message looks like this: #forexample). The second way to enter was by sharing a photo of your nail polish collection. I thought, “How fun! I haven’t laid them all out like that in a while.” My nail polishes usually live on an old, worn, dark wood CD organizer. So I gathered them all up, laid them on my blanket and took a shot. I don’t remember the exact number because it’s been days since I took the picture, but there are over 100 there. Besides being fun to see all of the polishes spread out that way and being able to see my collection well, it gave me the opportunity to reorganize them when putting them back on their shelves. I ended up color coding it and it looked so neat afterward. I wouldn’t have organized them at all if it had not been for her contest.

Here are all my nail polishes in all their glory. How many do you have? Do you find you have more of one brand than another? I didn’t take stock, but I recall seeing a wide array of brands with mine: OPI, Essie, Sally Hansen, Zoya, no name, and on and on. I’d love to see or hear about your collection.

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