Part Two

January Jones is beautiful. That being said, I didn’t find that her dress, makeup and hair flattered her, at all. January Jones is breathtakingly similar looking to classic beauty Grace Kelly which is pointed out many times in Mad Men. The look she chose for the Emmys was a pseudo-goth atrocity. Can you picture Grace Kelly looking like that? It just doesn’t work. Her hair was tightly slicked back. This can look very severe. It added harshness to her overall look. Her eye makeup was very heavy. The black dress was kind of interesting with the see-through layers of  black in the back, but I didn’t find it to be the right choice for her.

When I looked at her, she made me think back to those high school movies when the popular girls pick “some poor soul” (Their words not mine) and make them over (In their style, of course). I imagined the opposite of that scenario and pictured this: a group of goth kids wielding eyeliners, moving menacingly closer to her, blocking the door, so she’d stay in the school bathroom with them. Then, they made her completely over (In their style, of course). Her clean-cut, pretty look transformed when her light hair was pulled back tightly and her light eyes were caked with shadow, eyes lined in kohl. It’s as if she borrowed her Emmy dress from one of her new imaginary goth friends at the last minute. To that end, I think this Zac Posen dress would have looked fine on someone with dark or red hair maybe,  and the smoky eyes wouldn’t have looked so crazy if they were blended more, or they were on someone else, someone who could pull it off.

It’s funny how much I dislike this look since she’s been named one of the best dressed at the event by many. It’s even more funny that I realized her look reminded me of Gwyneth Paltrow at the 2002 Academy Awards which was panned by everyone. They are both blonde, delicate beauties who’ve never been known to have a goth bone in their body. The last thing you’d think for either one of them is to come out in some goth confection. Though I do find the looks similar, Gwyneth’s look complete with milkmaid braids over her head, a see-through bodice, smoky eyes and a dour facial expression is worse than January Jones’ stylistic misstep.

On to some good.. I’m not usually a fan of Christina Hendrick’s dressing style. I love LOVE how she looks in Mad Men. So classy and beautiful. In real life, she often lets her cups to runneth over. Yes, I know she is blessed in the chest, but so many times I’ve seen her at events on TV and she is wearing a dress that allows her chest to literally pour out. At the Emmys this year, I didn’t find her looking too, too vulgar. She reminded me of Marilyn Monroe or some other 50s bombshell in that shimmering, champagne-colored, glamorous dress. Yes, her boobs were out in full-force. In fact at the top of the dress, some of her chest doesn’t fit into the bodice so well (By her armpit). But, I felt like this is an improvement for her and I really loved her dress with the belt and her makeup was on point. Loved the lipstick.

I love how she looks in the second photo, like a 50s goddess.

Another on the good list was Hayden Panettiere. Although some thought the look was too mature for her, I disagree. She looked great! Her dress was unique! It had a Grecian look, yet it also reminded me of saris. It isn’t a choice that all the starlets would choose because it isn’t generic-looking. She looked almost regal and very classy. I loved her golden, nude makeup. It didn’t look overdone.

Attn: Zooey Deschanel: Time to hang up the girlhood fairy tale dream. I wanted to be Sleeping Beauty and Snow White and Cinderella, but I grew out of it when I was 6 (OK, sometimes I still want to be Snow White, but that’s another story for another time). I think Deschanel still lives in fairy tale land which is fine, if it didn’t cause bad fashion choices. I wasn’t thrilled when I saw her on the red carpet. I didn’t like her dress at all. It reminded me so much of the dress in Disney’s Cinderella. It didn’t really flatter her, even though I heard she matched the dress to her blue eyes. I disliked the hot pink lipstick she had on. It didn’t seem to go with anything and it didn’t suit her. Not a fan. Definitely an ehh look.

Kat Denning really stood out to me. She is curvy, but she dresses much classier for award shows than Christina Hendricks. I know Hendricks probably can’t help it, but Denning didn’t let it all hang out. They were out, but they didn’t look bombast. I loved her dark crimson matte lipstick and overall sultry look. Her relaxed waves and dark nails made her look modern and sexy.

Heidi Klum.. Heidi Klum.. I wasn’t sure what to expect when she came on to the red carpet. Sometimes she dresses really outlandish. Sometimes it borders on Star Trek level weird. Other times her makeup and/hair choices can be way too harsh and hard looking. I was happy to see her look more relaxed and feminine. I didn’t love her hair. It was kinda Snoozeville. I didn’t like that her neckline was almost down to her belly button. I don’t know if seafoam is my favorite color for anyone, let alone Klum. I didn’t love the sheer part on one leg and then the high slit on the other. One slit is enough, thaaanks. I didn’t like her accessories. They matched, but they were a little too big and obnoxious. I liked her light glowing makeup, but the lipstick is a skosh too light. She had on just the right amount of liner and lashes. I say it’s a look in the right direction for Klum. Let’s see where she goes from here.

Kelly O.! I’m such a Kelly O. fan. I love her voice and accent. I find her to be pretty and funny and find her inspirational with how she quit drugs and with her weight loss. I loved her coordinating purple look with her lavender hair swirled up into a beautiful, sleek updo, plummy makeup and violet dress. No one could have pulled this off as well as her! I think it kinda sucked that she had to issue an apology for her Azature black diamond $250,000 manicure. Yes we are in a hard economic time, but I’m a nail lover. If I was financially able to afford the Azature treatment, I would do it! What’s your take on that and her look?

My favorite look of the night had to be Jena Malone in her J. Mendel dress. I loved all the weaving in the front and the color, burgundy, was a hit for me (Big for fall). Her hair looked awesome with her perfectly cut bangs. Her makeup was soft and pretty. And look at her shoes! She rocked it.Fiiiinally, the last two are misses for me. Even though her dress was “bump friendly and easy” with no alterations necessary, I hated Claire Danes’ dress. I hated the yellow color and how fit on her. I think she could have picked a better dress, with a more flattering color.

And last but most certainly not least, especially in terms of stinker-dom… There’s Julie Bowen. I really disliked her messy half up-half down ‘do. I haaate the color of her dress. It’s some yellow-chartreuse nightmare. It’s all just very unattractive. The top part of her dress made her chest look flatter. All the ruching all over the dress looked like wrinkles. I hate the messy mermaid bottom of her dress (The fin?) Also, her weird acceptance speech, for some reason, involved speak of nipple covers. What?

I enjoyed the Emmys, especially the red carpet portion. Hope you did too! Who were your standout favorites and the clear misses?

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